Some tips to look good in your wedding photos

Your wedding day will probably be the most-photographed day of your lives — it’s a lot of pressure, even for couples who consider themselves photogenic. After having your hair and makeup done and he’s in his tux, you’ll both look and feel fabulous. Here’s how you can make sure that sentiment shows up in your pictures.

Strike a Pose (or Not)

Study your favorite photos. The key to being a glamorous bride in your photographs is to look composed without appearing overly posed. What do we mean? Think about some of your favorite pictures of yourself — your ultra-rigid graduation picture probably isn’t among them. The shots where you look happy and poised but your attention isn’t directly on the camera (maybe you didn’t even know that someone was taking your picture) are often keepers. Look at these, and take note of how you’re standing and smiling. Then comes the challenge: Try to mimic that look on your wedding day.


Ignore the Camera

When you’re taking your portraits, focus on each other rather than the camera. Whisper an inside joke to one another, remind each other how far you’ve come since your first date, or recall how you felt the first time he told you he loved you. These will leave you with much more natural expressions than simply saying “cheese.”

Kevin’s Comment:  Out of all the points I think this is the most important when photographing the wedding, reception and sometimes the formal photos.  Try to relax and enjoy your day.  Unless you’re asked to pose, don’t worry about where the camera is and it’s best not to stop what you’re doing because you see a camera close by.

Avoid Squinting

If the sun is making you squint when you’re taking your photos, close your eyes while your photographer counts to three, and then open them just as the picture is taken.

Kevin’s Comment:  This can be hard to do on those bright sunny days.  Usually I’ll try to photograph formal, posed shots in an area that offers some shade.  It’s not always possible to do this in every situation.

Take Two

Another way to look great in your wedding shots: Book the same photographer to take your engagement photos. A photo session before the wedding can relieve day-of jitters because you’ll be warmed up to the photographer’s style. Since your family and attendants won’t have that same benefit, recruit a lively member of your group to tell a funny joke as everyone takes pictures on your wedding day. Or just instruct them to blow out a deep breath to loosen cheek muscles.

Kevin’s Comment:  Engagement photos are a great way for  the photographer and bride and groom to get to know each other.  It’s also a great way for the bride to test her make up artists and hair dresser she plans to use on her wedding day.