Fall Portraits are just over a month away!

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over!  That means it’s almost time for fall portraits.  This year I’ll be scheduling shoots in Orleans (Petrie Island or Cardinal Farms Park) , the Arboretum (on Prince of Wales Dr) and Andrew Hayden Park (Near Bayshore Mall).   More details to come in the following weeks.  In the meantime, here are some ideas on what to where and a collection of photos from last year.  If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment please email me at:


Looking for some inspiration for what wear this years fall portrait.  Here are some ideas I’ve found.

A couple general rules of thumb are:

-colors in the same pallet (such as browns, greens, blues together, or pinks, red, yellows together)
-nothing with words, logos, or inappropriate things on them
-bring multiple outfits in case some things don’t work, get dirty, and so on
-pick complimentary clothing colors, you don’t need to match or wear the exact same thing
-accessories can be a fun thing to integrate into your outfit
-shoes do matter, so watch what you put on your feet
-watch patterns and “loud” outfits as they will distract from the main element of the photo: you!
-most importantly though, be and dress like yourself. (you don’t want your photos to have you looking/feeling uncomfortable in them)