Bridesmaids: How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever!

When a bride asks you to be in her bridal party, it should be taken seriously, but at the same time it should be something you have fun with and get excited about. Weddings are like roller coasters and they are always a lot more fun when you get the chance to experience them with your closest friends and family!


5. Save & Talk About Money Early

Weddings are expensive, and the cost of being a bridesmaid can add up a lot quicker than most would anticipate. You know better than anyone else what your financial position is and what you can and cannot afford. Financial strain will not only affect you, but also the bride and her entire bridal experience. The last thing you want to do is dig yourself a massive hole of debt and potentially damage the relationship between you and the bride. Be honest with one another and make sure everything is laid out in terms of what would be expected of you financially and whether or not you are going to be capable of handling those costs. Start saving well in advance! Set up a savings account or start a “bridesmaid” jar for yourself. You will be surprised at how quickly the costs add up, so having money set aside will make paying for things a lot easier.


4. Wear What She Wants

How many times have you watched a wedding show where a bride is in a battle with her party over the bridesmaid dress? I am always shocked at how selfish some individuals can be when it comes to something as simple as picking a dress! I can’t even count the number of times I have screamed at the TV “IT’S NOT YOUR WEDDING” lol! Seriously! Why on earth would you be in someone’s wedding if you don’t want to respect their wishes and make their vision come true (and why would a bride let these people push her around)!? Maybe it’s just me, but all I have to say is JUST DO IT! You’re supposed to make this day everything the bride wants it to be and more, so why compromise her happiness because you don’t think you look good in cobalt blue? At the end of the day, it’s HER wedding and all eyes are going to be on HER, NOT YOU! Offer suggestions but don’t crush her dreams and turn into a bridesmaidzilla! Wearing a dress you don’t like for one day is not going to ruin your life, so don’t ruin the bridal experience for your bff!


3. Form Friendships and Rely on Your Fellow Bridesmaids

Forming a bond between the other bridesmaids will allow the bride to relax and prevent her from becoming the middleman during disagreements or important decision-making. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together so it will definitely be worth your while to make some friends and enjoy each other’s company! Everyone has something they can offer during the planning process, so bounce ideas off of one another and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. If disagreements or arguments do come up, LEAVE THE BRIDE OUT OF IT! You are grown women, deal with your problems on your own and don’t create any more stress for the bride. This is her one chance to have the wedding of her dreams and one of the most selfish things bridesmaids can do is turn their problems into the bride’s problems.


2. Take Your Role Seriously

When someone asks you to be in their bridal party, it means they see you as an important person in their life. If they want you to be such a major part of their wedding, take it seriously and do everything you can to ensure that the day comes together without any major breakdowns or scuffles. If the bride asks you to meet her somewhere, be there on time! Her time is just as important as yours, so it is important to respect her, and to be courteous and attentive when she asks something of you. Help her with major decisions if she asks for your input. Go to her consultations and accompany her on shopping trips for décor, accessories, etc. Help make the entire process as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible for her!


1. Be the Bride’s Rock

This final tip closely relates to number two. Taking your role as a bridesmaid seriously means standing by her through thick and thin. When she’s on the verge of a mini meltdown, step up to the plate and bring her back to a happy place. Do whatever you can to reduce her stress and keep her smiling throughout the entire bridal experience. If she does get a little bit overwhelmed, be the shoulder she can cry on. Listen to her, let her vent and offer as much comfort as you possibly can to get her through the rough patches. A bride asks you to be her bridesmaid because she sees you as a friend, so be the best friend you can possibly be and make her wedding everything she’s dreamed of!

Being in a bridal party is a big responsibility. It is your job to help the bride through the ups and downs of the planning process and to let her enjoy the wedding day without worrying about any minor hiccups. Have fun in this role! Weddings are so much fun and being part of a bridal party is an exciting and worthwhile experience that can lead to new friendships and strengthening the bond that already exists between you and the bride!

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